Paul Sowman, Conference Co-Chair

Paul Sowman is a Professor in the School of Psychological Sciences at Macquarie University in Sydney. He uses magnetoencephalography (MEG), MRI and non-invasive brain stimulation to understand how brain development is affected by various factors such as genetics, environment, and disease. Paul is the director of MEG research at Macquarie University and Chair of the KIT-Macquarie Brain Research Laboratory. His group is particularly interested in paediatric MEG.

Tom Johnstone, Conference Co-Chair

Tom Johnstone is Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Director of the Centre for Mental Health and Brain Sciences at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Tom’s research uses MRI, EEG, MEG and psychophysiology to study the neural basis of cognition and emotion, in particular the role of cognitive and attentional processes in regulating emotion, and the interactions between the brain and the body that underlie emotional processes.

Judy Zhu, Scientific Program Chair

Judy Zhu is a National Imaging Facility Fellow at Macquarie University. She uses MEG to study human cognitive function and supports research projects at the KIT-Macquarie Brain Research Laboratory – one of only two MEG facilities in the southern hemisphere. Judy is passionate about enabling research with technology and creating software tools for data processing and analysis.

Margery Pardey, Social Program Chair

Margery Pardey is the Manager for the Macquarie University node of the National Imaging Facility. She has a background in clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience. She is the first port of call for human imaging studies at Macquarie University, co-ordinating and facilitating completion of academic and translational studies across the campus.

Tijl Grootswagers, LOC Member

Tijl Grootswagers is a Senior Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience at the The MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour, and Development and Western Sydney University. He is a computational cognitive neuroscientist who combines machine learning , neuroimaging, and behavioural data to understand the neural mechanisms underlying visual perception and object recognition.

Chiaki Hasegawa, LOC Member

Chiaki Hasegawa is a visiting scholar at Macquarie University and a research fellow at the Research Center for Child Mental Development, Kanazawa University. Chiaki has an interest in adapting network analysis such as complexity and graph theory using child-customized MEG. She is also exploring hyperscanning MEG between adult and child using two MEG system.

Tatiana Kameneva, LOC Member

Tatiana Kameneva is Associate Professor at Swinburne University of Technology. She has extensive research experience in neuroscience, computational modelling, applied mathematics, and biomedical engineering. Tatiana contributes to advances in understanding of information processing in neural tissue, investigates how electrical stimuli affect neural response, and works on the development of new stimulation methods that can be used across a broad range of medical bionics applications.

Sophie Lin

Sophie Lin is an academic fellow at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne. Working together with MEG experts nationwide, she is building the first whole-head wearable MEG based on optically pumped magnetometers in Australia. She uses Bayesian framework, behavioural paradigms, and neuroimaging to understand decision-making. She also investigates human cerebellar electrophysiology using MEG and EEG.